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Glam Cargo Pants

steampunk cargo pants

Cargo pants are not usually this fancy, you say?  Well they were just the thing at Clockwork Alchemy, a recent steampunk event here in California.  These brocade trousers are the ones I was working on pattern matching a few posts ago.

brocade cargo pants


Steampunk Corset, part 2

cotton Victorian corset in progress

After the layers were assembled, it was time for boning channels.  The diagonal ones across the raised back keep the corset from digging into the shoulder blades when worn.

cotton coutil corset in progress

Most of this corset’s bones are 6mm cane (the kind of wood-like material often seen woven into chair seats).  After cutting each length I smoothed out their ends with sandpaper.  This photo also shows the bias binding being added to the hem.

Here’s a link to the first installment: Steampunk Corset, part 1

Ten Ways to Tie Your Cravat


Get ready for the Edwardian Ball with a free class!  We will show you plenty of ways to fancy up your neckwear.  You are welcome to bring your own cravat or buy one here.  There will be other ball-worthy accessories for ladies and gentlemen to peruse as well.

Sunday, January 17th, from 12:30-2pm here at the studio.