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Glam Cargo Pants

steampunk cargo pants

Cargo pants are not usually this fancy, you say?  Well they were just the thing at Clockwork Alchemy, a recent steampunk event here in California.  These brocade trousers are the ones I was working on pattern matching a few posts ago.

brocade cargo pants


Printed Canvas Waistcoat

dandy damask vest

I have made many waistcoats for men over the years, but this was my first one with piping going all the way around.  Piping is made by sewing bias strips around a narrow cotton cord, and it provided the purple edge you see in these pictures.

back lacing on vest

The back laces up, 1830s style, for decorative adjustability.  And here you see close up, my painstaking matching of the printed pattern.

matching printed damask

lacing tabs with grommets