Here, Kitty Kitty


It’s not officially a holiday, but in the United States today is Pussy Hat Day.  Time for women to break out their hats with kitty ears.  Even if you’re not into protests, they are fun to wear around town in the winter, as the colors segue nicely into Valentine’s Day.  I knitted these in everyday acrylic.




Plus Size Winter Dress


Happy New Year!  My first completed project of 2018 was this warm, loose dress.  It is made from vintage fabric of an unusual type: it is a waffle weave thermal (like “long johns” undergarments) but out of silk fiber.  So it is drapey and a bit stretchy, ready to accommodate another layer worn underneath it (or perhaps several, as the weather demands).


Of course it has pockets.  You also see here a cowl I knitted to fill in the neckline.


I would call this dress a size 18, but it is not a “standard” size; the pattern is one I drafted for this woman’s body type.  If I made this dress for you, I could adjust the garment to best flatter your size and shape, whatever that may be.


The Halloween Collection, part 2


More of the 2017 Halloween collection.  This cotton hat in a ghost print is sized for a school-aged child.


A skirt of silver spiderwebs, and a pumpkin orange scarf (hand knitted of alpaca yarn).  You’ll also recognize the bat clip from the previous post.

Candy Corn

Knitted candy corn hat

Hooray for silly hats!  I knitted this candy corn hat out of acrylic yarn.  I made it to go with a skirt I made in candy corn fabric.

Candy Corn skirt and hat

It is one from my collection of summer skirts, which will make their debut this weekend at Hydra Comic Con.  They are knee length, with a nice twirl, and most importantly: two pockets.

Valentine’s Day Scarf

Long ago, I had someone tell me she liked to make cords on the knitting nancy (aka knitting mushroom), but then didn’t have a good project to use them up.  If that sounds like you, try making a scarf like mine.  Using about half a skein of each of 4 colors of worsted weight yarn, run them through your knitting nancy until you have knitted cords 5 yards long.

Making cords on knitting nancy

Next fold each of the cords in half, and pin the folded ends down so they can’t move.  Weave them in a simple over-and-under pattern like this.  In the beginning it looks like a heart.weaving the scarf

Continue weaving until you get to the bottom.  If when you get there, you find a cord is longer than the rest, unravel it and cast off at the right length.   Tie off and tuck in ends.Valentine Scarf by Fitting and Proper

The scarf takes many hours of knitting, but the result feels like a springy cloud in your hands.

Happy Valentine’s Day!