Project Bag

We all have half-finished projects we carry around, intending to work on them in the waiting room, on the train, at a friend’s craft party, etc.  Carry them in this bag I designed, and remind yourself of what is important. 🙂


If you would like one, you don’t need to wait until my next open studio; they are available at The Black Squirrel, a yarn shop in Berkeley.


Valentine Baking Trick

I wanted to give a friend some “Valentine’s chocolate” and have it be home made. But I did not want to invest in Valentine-specific cooking gadgets I would not use the rest of the year.  So here was my solution: heart shaped brownies.


To do this, I mixed and poured out the brownie batter as usual, then after it had settled out flat, I put heart shaped cookie cutters in it.


Here is what it looked like when it came out of the oven.


The larger heart got swallowed up because it is a less tall cookie cutter.  I think with a little practice I will have fun making all kinds of shapes, without having to buy special molds or learn new recipes.  Easy!


Take Joy in Re-Use


I was considering how best to display my handmade Christmas ornaments, when a great idea occured to me: this is a job for Legos! I can add or subtract bricks to change the height for whatever ornaments I make, and break it down as much as necessary in order to transport it. The tower is mostly stacked pairs of 4×2 basic Lego bricks, but substituting a 4×1 leaves a channel for a horizontal bar. In the photo I used a pair of chopsticks, but knitting needles also work.

The ornaments I made by taking blank glass balls (well actually they are unbreakable plastic) and painting them, then crocheting over them with cotton thread and beads. I chose the beads carefully to make sure their size and weight helped the crochet net hang correctly.

Here was an easier crochet project for Christmas: I used scrap yarn to crochet over a vintage wooden hanger.  This makes a nice little gift for almost anyone, but especially someone who hangs their clothes to dry.  Now the friend I gave it to can avoid the pointy shoulder ridges that come from drying on normal hangers.