Colors for Fall and Winter

I am presently crocheting a scarf that reminds me of fall leaves. I am using a smooth cotton.


The previous scarf I made in this pattern, was of a slightly fuzzy silk.  Its cold colors remind me of ripples across a river or pond, as you look through the blue water.


Both scarves were made with the same crochet stitch, but look very different due to the color spacing on the yarn when it was dyed.  The brown one will be for sale once it is finished, but the blue one I will more likely keep and wear.


Take Joy in Re-Use


I was considering how best to display my handmade Christmas ornaments, when a great idea occured to me: this is a job for Legos! I can add or subtract bricks to change the height for whatever ornaments I make, and break it down as much as necessary in order to transport it. The tower is mostly stacked pairs of 4×2 basic Lego bricks, but substituting a 4×1 leaves a channel for a horizontal bar. In the photo I used a pair of chopsticks, but knitting needles also work.

The ornaments I made by taking blank glass balls (well actually they are unbreakable plastic) and painting them, then crocheting over them with cotton thread and beads. I chose the beads carefully to make sure their size and weight helped the crochet net hang correctly.

Here was an easier crochet project for Christmas: I used scrap yarn to crochet over a vintage wooden hanger.  This makes a nice little gift for almost anyone, but especially someone who hangs their clothes to dry.  Now the friend I gave it to can avoid the pointy shoulder ridges that come from drying on normal hangers.


Making Christmas


It’s ours this time! Getting ready for holiday shows means making ornaments.  By crocheting with cotton thread, I made a traditional white snowflake, then another one with silver beads, and then a black pinwheel. Here you see me starching them, and after they dry they will be ready to hang.


I also made some Christmas cards, using stamps, markers, and whatever else is on hand.  Cards are an easy project to do with kids or with a craft group.

The Halloween Collection, Part 1


Most design houses have a fall collection, but here at Fitting and Proper we also like to pay extra attention to that most important event which livens up the beginning of fall.  So here are some creations for the Halloween season!  Spooky earrings, with skulls and black crochet.


Clip made of a silver bat on a bed of cotton lace.  The lace is a scrap leftover from a friend’s project; another example of zero waste sewing.

Amulet Bags

thread crochet necklaces and candle holders

So you’ve seen me crocheting necklaces, and purses; now here is both at once. Amulet bags go around your neck so you can carry something special close to your heart: a lucky penny, a crystal, a ring you can’t wear on your hand.  Or you can carry something practical like a spare key or bus fare.  The beads make a nice texture; come over and feel it at my next show.

Victorian Beaded Purses

two crochet beaded purses

Having some fun designing with beads.  These reticules take quite a while to crochet, because the stitches need to be tight enough that nothing can poke out through the holes (even a bobby pin, or the tip of a pencil).

The grey and black one was a commission, which also included these matching gloves.

crochet fingerless gloves