Amulet Bags

thread crochet necklaces and candle holders

So you’ve seen me crocheting necklaces, and purses; now here is both at once. Amulet bags go around your neck so you can carry something special close to your heart: a lucky penny, a crystal, a ring you can’t wear on your hand.  Or you can carry something practical like a spare key or bus fare.  The beads make a nice texture; come over and feel it at my next show.

Victorian Beaded Purses

two crochet beaded purses

Having some fun designing with beads.  These reticules take quite a while to crochet, because the stitches need to be tight enough that nothing can poke out through the holes (even a bobby pin, or the tip of a pencil).

The grey and black one was a commission, which also included these matching gloves.

crochet fingerless gloves

Winter means Warm Hats

hand made hats for winter

Cold weather is here, a good time to debut a line of crochet hats.  They vary in color and stiffness, but are about the same shape: can be worn as a tam or beret or random slouchy thing.  These comfortable, stretchy hats will be available at the Ecology Center’s Craft Fair this Saturday, on Center St & MLK, a block and a half from downtown Berkeley Bart.  Fitting and Proper will have a booth there along with dozens of other vendors of handmade and recycled items that make great last minute holiday gifts.

Fingerless Gloves

lace fingerless glove

I have been making fingerless gloves for the last month or two, crocheting them out of several different weights of wool yarn or cotton thread.  The pattern is my own and I revise it as needed to suit the thickness of each yarn.  The glove shown modelled is made from size 10 crochet thread that has a tinsel-like metallic plied in.  The metallic keeps the thread from stretching as much as cotton normally would, so I had to work carefully and loosely so the gloves could stay supple.


Earrings, of course

crochet earrings by Fitting and Proper

In recent months, as I have been rolling out new designs of crochet lace chokers and bracelets, it has been nice to hear them admired by acquaintances and colleagues.  The comment I heard most often is “You should make matching earrings, of course!”  So here is my response to that request.  I am improvising crochet patterns to utilize my particular tension / gauge and the stiffness of the different threads.