Combining Old-fashioned and New-fangled


This outfit is made up of two different projects I completed recently. There is a muslin sheath dress, of a very modern style, and over it is an early Victorian skirt.  I used scraps from the skirt to make a pair of fascinators (large hair clips), and the necklace was already in my inventory. The muslin sheath was a commission, but the skirt is for sale.  We are open this Saturday, April 8, from 12:30-5pm, if you would like to visit.

Screen Time

Ready for silk screening

It’s time to go forward with another screen print design.  Here are the necessary ingredients (left to right): blank silk screen, image of the design printed onto transparency, the 2-part emulsifier that will soon coat the screen, ink to do the printing, and a theatrical lighting instrument with which to “burn” the image onto the screen.

Valentine’s Day Scarf

Long ago, I had someone tell me she liked to make cords on the knitting nancy (aka knitting mushroom), but then didn’t have a good project to use them up.  If that sounds like you, try making a scarf like mine.  Using about half a skein of each of 4 colors of worsted weight yarn, run them through your knitting nancy until you have knitted cords 5 yards long.

Making cords on knitting nancy

Next fold each of the cords in half, and pin the folded ends down so they can’t move.  Weave them in a simple over-and-under pattern like this.  In the beginning it looks like a heart.weaving the scarf

Continue weaving until you get to the bottom.  If when you get there, you find a cord is longer than the rest, unravel it and cast off at the right length.   Tie off and tuck in ends.Valentine Scarf by Fitting and Proper

The scarf takes many hours of knitting, but the result feels like a springy cloud in your hands.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Steampunk Corset, part 2

cotton Victorian corset in progress

After the layers were assembled, it was time for boning channels.  The diagonal ones across the raised back keep the corset from digging into the shoulder blades when worn.

cotton coutil corset in progress

Most of this corset’s bones are 6mm cane (the kind of wood-like material often seen woven into chair seats).  After cutting each length I smoothed out their ends with sandpaper.  This photo also shows the bias binding being added to the hem.

Here’s a link to the first installment: Steampunk Corset, part 1

Winter means Warm Hats

hand made hats for winter

Cold weather is here, a good time to debut a line of crochet hats.  They vary in color and stiffness, but are about the same shape: can be worn as a tam or beret or random slouchy thing.  These comfortable, stretchy hats will be available at the Ecology Center’s Craft Fair this Saturday, on Center St & MLK, a block and a half from downtown Berkeley Bart.  Fitting and Proper will have a booth there along with dozens of other vendors of handmade and recycled items that make great last minute holiday gifts.